Fiona Lynch is based in Cambridge in the UK.  She was ordained a Pastor in 2006 and is the founder and visionary of The Church of United Nations reaching out to women, men and children who are on the fringe of society, equipping them to go out onto the mission field for Christ.  She is also called to build up the wider body of Christ.


Fiona is a course provider and has recently set up her own writing and publishing business.  She has been in various evangelical magazines and newspapers and on TV especially revelation TV due to her testimony and has also preached abroad.  She is the author of five publications and works in the legal field.


Fiona became born again in 2000 when she had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on her way back from the shops.  At this time, she was spiritually bound, suffering from mental and physical abuse and drug misuse.  Through dreams and visions, God spoke to her which led to her conversion.  She wrote her story 'From Darkness to Light' telling of her life before Christ and how she came to know Him. Today Fiona is the proud mother of six now adult children of which she has brought up alone and in July 2019 she received an authentic leaders award for the work that she has done in the community.


 This is what she says:

"During the times when my children were still living at home and as a single parent, I decided to use my time constructively. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I began to write books and soon set up ministries and provided community projects, with my six young children at my side.  Nothing is impossible in this life if you apply yourself and allow yourself to be led by the Spirit of God. Dreams are only dreams and can become a reality if you allow yourself to be taught on how to change your mindset."