Teaching Programmes

All teaching programmes are delivered by The School of Destiny in the form of a one to three day teaching programme, depending on the course.  Some of these courses are available through online learning.  Please contact me for further information and/or if you would like me to teach any of the programmes or any of the subjects at your organisation, Church or institution.  Courses are tailor made to suit your audience and courses can be prepared on any subject that you would wish.

THE BOOK INSIDE OF YOU - 'The Step by Step Guide on how to write, publish and Market your book.' This course is also available online at www.theschoolofdestiny.teachable.com.  


​PARENTS, SONS AND DAUGHTERS - Rebuilding Families


CREATED TO BE A WOMAN - 'Rediscover who you Are' 

This course is also available online at www.theschoolofdestiny.teachable.com


​FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT - Testimony and/or Teaching Programme 


OVERCOMING THE VICTIM MENTALITY - How to identify and deal with emotional matters and changing your mindset


​OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS - To help you value who you are and how to develop a new perspective on life


​HELP! HOW DO I OVERCOME ABUSE - Dealing with emotional baggage and how to get rid of it.


​THE BASIC OF DISCIPLESHIP - Laying the Foundation for your Christian Walk

This course is also available online at www.layingthefoundationministrytrainingschool.com

THE STANDARD OF A KING - Leadership training 

For the training of the ministry.  This course can be used for any organisation that would like leadership training.  Training packages can be created to cater for each need.

ONE TO ONE COACHING - six weeks of one to one coaching

The School of Destiny


Online Courses

1. The Book Inside of You

The Step by Step Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing your Book

2. Created to be a Woman

The Step by Step Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing your Book


Laying the Foundation Ministry Training


Online Courses

1. The Basics of Discipleship

This course is in two parts 

The Church

of United Nations